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Ink-jet print on film, found objects, LED coil.


The ghostly outlines of a saint appear captured in the window of a building located in down-town Tel Aviv. The picture was taken during a night time stroll and later included in a site specific piece installed during the second edition of the Light-Fest art festival (2015), an annual event celebrating (and challenging) the reality in and around the more seedy parts of southern Tel-Aviv. These parts of the city have a huge influx migratory population which to a large extant have remained without permanent statues and yet have become established communities despite the unbearable situation. This piece was installed behind the front window bars of what used to be a local post office. The image, baring a resemblance to an unidentified catholic saint, is paired with a second image documenting a local graffiti sign bearing the word JESUS in reverse order.

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